ROLES:  Art Director – E-Commerce, Showcase, & Interactive

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Exemplification of projects I have Art Directed, from strategy, conceptualization, to final product. Case examples are from work done with various companies and clients.


On many projects, my responsibilities require me to lead both the strategy and creative teams.  After reviewing the creative brief and diagnosing the client’s objective of the video, we devise collaborative concepts. The project goes from ideas on a sketch pad/whiteboard to mood boards than storyboards. This planning phase is the foundation for the project’s success.


On set, it is my role to make sure that the content we are capturing looks its best, and is simultaneously aligned with the brand guidelines. Ultimately, what is filmed is nearly identical to the storyboards, and our pre-production efforts should visually communicate to the final product. For certain projects, it is my responsibility to wear the director’s hat, and bring the concept to fruition.


Animated videos are a similar process, and for those projects I lead a team of designer’s to create the assets the motion graphic artists will bring to life. In many cases, projects have both live action lifestyle footage with layered motion graphics, and the footage captured must account for the real estate the graphics will live in.


During the post-production process, my role is to manage the editors and graphic artists, to build the story we are trying to tell.  For interactive video, I work with the development engineers by creating a wireframed architecture.


Animated videos give me the opportunity to collaborate with the motion graphic artists, by weaving my vision with their creative abilities to bring the objects on screen, to life.